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Products - Automation Control Networking

Echelon device networking technology enables end-users to remotely connect, monitor, control, sense, and diagnose intelligent devices. Today, thousands of intelligent devices and appliances are equipped with LonWorks networks. You can find them in every aspect of the device networking environment-from HVAC and lighting in buildings, to collecting energy usage information or data across a grid of 27 million homes-24 hours a day. LonWorks networks simplify system management, conserve energy, improve operations, and reduce costs.
Echelon is at the forefront of this technological revolution because of the LonWorks platform, a universal, open standard for networking everyday devices to each other and the Internet. At the heart of Echelon's LonWorks technology are networks of low-cost, intelligent devices like switches, thermostats, elevators, washing machines, and utility meters that communicate with each other to provide distributed monitoring and control.

Around the world, thousands of organizations—manufacturers, service providers, system integrators, end-users, and standard bodies—have embraced Echelon's open LonWorks solutions for making everyday devices smarter, accessible, and manageable over the Internet. Echelon provides over 90 products and services based on the LonWorks platform for device networks. Echelon's products and services allow manufacturers and integrators to quickly develop, test, debug and deploy LonWorks products and systems.

Today, LonWorks networks are the leading de facto standard for networking everyday devices. Our solution is recognized by standards organizations around the globe—including AAR, ANSI, ASHRAE, IEEE, IFSF, and SEMI—for networking systems in homes, trains, semiconductor fabrication equipment, intelligent buildings, gas stations and freight train braking systems.
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