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Products - Computer Aided Engineering

We market and support the high-end software tools for Electromagnetic Design & Analysis of products, with 2D & 3D tools like MAGNETO , AMPERES , OERSTED , FARADAY , LORENTZ , etc. These tools cover the entire spectrum of Electromagnetic & Electrostatic CAE Design and Analysis.

With Integrated software, model setup is extremely easy; solution times are very fast, analysis results extremely accurate. In addition to these benefits, being entirely Windows based, the software is far less demanding on desktop Computers and memory.

Integrated's reputation as the best service and support company in the industry has been a contributing factor to its success. We take pride in Integrated's achievement of combining state of the art technology with responsive, friendly customer service and support. We would like to invite you to explore the many benefits of our innovative, world-class suite of electromechanical design and analysis tools.
Solver Methods
Electromagnetic Analysis
Electrostatic Analysis
Eddy Currents / Time Harmonics
Charged Particle Trajectory
Antenna Design

Thermal / Stress

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