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NetSim is a leading network simulation software for protocol modeling and simulation, network R & D and defence applications. It allows you to analyze computer networks with unmatched depth, power and flexibility.

Why NetSim?

Communication Networks have become too complex for traditional analytical methods or "rules of thumb" to provide an accurate understanding of system behavior and possible problems and solutions

Modeling and Simulation - Create scenario

Building the model

  • Create network scenarios using NetSim's GUI or using XML config files
  • Click and Drop devices, links, application etc into the environment using NetSim's GUI
  • Set properties with just a click. Layer-wise parameters can be edited
  • Model large and complicated networks using the XML config file which comes with automatic verification

Running the simulation

  • Run the discrete event simulation (DES) through the GUI or via Command line interface (CLI)
  • Log packet traces that reports parameters such as arrival time, queuing time, payload, overhead, error etc for every packet as it flows through the network
  • Record event traces which logs every single event in the protocol finite state machine (FSM) transitions along with associated information like time-stamp, Event ID, Event Type etc.

Visualizing the simulation using the packet animator

  • Animate packet flow over wired and wireless links
  • Color variation for control packets, data packets and error packets
  • Control animation with play, pause and simulation timeline

Analyzing the results

  • Examine output performance metrics at multiple levels - network, sub network, link, queue, application etc.
  • Study a variety of metrics such as throughput, delay, loss, packet error, link utilization... etc.
  • Interpret metrics using in-built plots and graphs
  • Export packet and event trace files easily to tools like Excel, Notepad etc for post-processing and statistical analysis

Developing your own protocol / algorithm

  • Extend existing algorithms by modifying NetSim's source C code
  • Create custom protocols using NetSim's simulation API's
  • Interface with other software products
  • Debug your code (step-in, step-out, step-over, continue) and watch your variables in sync with simulation

Dowload Datacheets:

NetSim Brochure 

Technical Specifications:
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