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Products - Wireless Network Planning by EDX

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Unmatched Accuracy - Unmatched Flexibility!
EDX offers a full selection of wireless network planning tools and other RF engineering-related applications. You'll find a complete range of tools that are appropriate for small-office companies as well as carrier-class and enterprise organizations. The tools are flexible enough to be used for fixed, nomadic and mobile wireless network design and optimization. Whether your network is for GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, cellular or public safety, EDX has tools for all wireless systems, including mesh, point-to-multipoint, and metro area networks.

EDX® SignalPro® 

With support for wireless systems from 30 MHz to 100 GHzUnmatched Accuracy - Unmatched Flexibility!, plus advanced network design capabilities, SignalPro is the engineers tool of choice for planning, deploying and optimizing, Broadband, LTE, Mobile/Cellular, WiMAX, Mesh, in-building DAS, LMR and more.
Google Earth® Plug-in integration
EDX SignalPro includes a seamless integration into the Google Earth Plug-in, greatly enhancing the visualization of system design and enabling a powerful interactive 3D environment.  
Route Study
The Route Study capability in SignalPro allows you to define a series of specific points along a 2D or 3D route and run area studies to each point.
In-Building Studies
SignalPro offers propagation models that provide accurate predictions for indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor system design.
Area/Coverage Studies
For projects within SignalPro, you can set up as many area studies as you like-each based on unique parameters and considering the same or different transmitter groups. View .Pdf


EDX SIGNAL is a comprehensive engineering software platform that offers all of the study types needed to design wireless networks including; area studies, link/point-to-point studies, and route studies.
With support for wireless systems from 30 MHz to 100 GHz, plus comprehensive network design capabilities, SIGNAL is the engineer’s tool of choice for planning, deploying and optimizing virtually any wireless network.
Area/Coverage Studies
Includes: Shadowing/Line of Sight, Path loss, Field Strength, Received Power, Uplink and Downlink Signal Levels, C/(I+N) & Aggregate C/(I+N), Group-to-Group interference, Bit Error Rate, Percent Service Availability, Number of Available servers, Simulcast Delay Spread, Height Required for LOS.
Full point-to-point analysis

Contains rain/fade outages, percent availability and dispersive fade margin along with other consideration.  Adjustable parameters allow you to add trees, buildings or other environmental factors to enhance the accuracy of the link study.  In addition, the interactive display allows you to view real-time link analysis.
SIGNAL is compatible with a wide variety of database formats, making it easy to use data from many sources. It includes Terrain elevation, Land use (clutter), Building/floorplan, Demographic Traffic, Geographic Address Matching. View .Pdf

Mobile & Cellular Module

The Mobile/Cellular Module is an add-on module to EDX SignalPro for designing, deploying and optimizing mobile and cellular, nomadic and WCDMA/UMTS networks.
This platform allows engineers to determine cell site location, analyze system capacity and gauge system evolution with changing traffic patterns.  Included are specialized area studies and advanced network planning features such as traffic loading analysis, automatic system layout, automatic frequency planning and more.  The Mobile/Cellular Module also supports the planning of Positive Train Control (PTC) systems for a complete network planning tool.
Specialized Area-Wide Studies
PTC Network Design, Traffic Loading
Automatic Frequency Planning, Automatic System Layout etc.
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WiMAX/WiFi Module

The WiMAX/WiFi Module is an add-on to EDX SignalPro for the design, deployment and optimization of fixed and mobile WiMAX and WiFi networks.
The WiMAX/WiFi Module includes specialized area studies such as Uplink & Downlink Adaptive Modulation Data Rate, C/(I+N) based on strongest server, Average and Maximum Uplink and much more.  The automatic frequency planning, traffic loading and capacity analysis, along with other advanced network planning features, make the WiMAX/WiFi Module ideal for all stages of system design from initial deployment through network maturity.
Specialized Area-Wide Studies
Preamble Code Planning
Automatic Frequency Planning
Capacity Analysis

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LTE Module

The LTE Design Module is a fully featured add-on module to SignalPro for designing LTE networks with a special emphasis on automatic processes, traffic and interference considerations.
The LTE Design Module includes more than 20 area studies specific to LTE design including CQI, adaptive modulation data rate, RSRP/RSRQ, uplink C/(I+N) and much more. With these capabilities, combined with powerful automatic channel and PCI assignment tools, high-performance LTE systems can be easily planned and analyzed using SignalPro with the LTE Design Module.
LTE PCI (Cell ID and Cell Group ID) Planning
User-programmable LTE Physical Cell ID (PCI) naming conventions provide either automatic or manual assignment for correlation with other KPI and network measurement evaluative data.
Neighbor List
Neighbor list calculations are included and can be based on received power most likely servers or best channel most likely server (interference sensitive).
Automatic Frequency Planning Perform demand-based automatic frequency planning with included channel plan templates or imported channel plans.   View .Pdf

Advance Propsagation Module

The Advanced Propagation Module is an add-on to EDX SignalPro® that offers highly accurate, site-specific calculations of pathloss, delay spread, and arrival angle spread for indoor, small-scale outdoor, and indoor-outdoor wireless network design.
The Advanced Propagation Module provides a cost-effective approach for doing highly accurate site-specific wireless propagation calculations that explicitly take into account detailed building and floor plan features describing the propagation environment.
Because of its comprehensive image-based approach, the ray-tracing models in EDX’s Advanced Propagation Module are best suited to network deployments in indoor, campus-wide or other relatively small-scale outdoor situations where the number of structures and walls is limited.  It can handle propagation calculations between floors in multi-floor buildings as well as indoor-to-outdoor (and outdoor-to-indoor) calculations for wireless networks deployed in commercial or academic campus-wide situations.
2D ray-tracing, 3D indoor ray-tracing.
3D outdoor ray-tracing.
Broadband Channel Modeling.  
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Mesh Network Module

The Mesh Network Module is an add-on module to EDX® SignalPro® for designing, deploying and optimizing Smart Grid AMI, Small Cell, Distribution Automation, Wi-Fi, M2M and other wireless mesh networks.
The Mesh Network Module includes intelligent pre-sales tools, automatic router and repeater selection, real-time repeater selection and traffic loading.
In addition, detailed reports of system performance provide essential information in the process of designing a robust, reliable and redundant system. The Mesh Network Module supports small scale mesh networks (2000+ nodes), large mesh network (200,000 nodes) and MegaMesh® networks (1 Million+ nodes).
MegaMesh Network Analysis, Small Scale Mesh Analysis.
Capacity-Constrained Mesh Analysis, Automatic Router Layout.
Automatic Selection of Routers, Automatic Repeater Selection 
Real-Time Repeater Selection etc.

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 DAS Design Module

The DAS Design Module is a powerful add-on module that enables both indoor and outdoor DAS systems to be designed and visualized in SignalPro.
Automated Floor Plan Conversion
Streamlined Floor Plan Import
Multiple Floor/Building Design
Active and Passive DAS Design
Automatic Report Generation
Schematic View, 3D View
RF Equipment Library 
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